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Together we've raised:



‘DAS A GOOD CAUSE!’ is an initiative

brought to life by DASGOOD,
driven by our genuine passion to express our

values and intentions through our creative work.

We embrace our platform as a means to amplify

what matters most to us and our community.

By donating a portion of the proceeds from every

‘DAS A GOOD CAUSE!’ item sold,

we aim to make a positive impact and provide

support to the charities & organizations
that align with the message of the item. 



Embracing the transformation from a state of being

Overgrown and overwhelmed,

we discover the beauty of growth.

The once unsightly weeds gracefully surrender

to vibrant blossoms and the gentle flow of life.

Reminding us that from challenges emerge a

thriving garden of possibilities.

20% of the proceeds will be

donated to Headspace.

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